Alun Yewlett

Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed colleagues, and distinguished guests, once again it’s my great pleasure to introduce to you to Mr Alun Yewlett, an experienced Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon specialising in shoulder and elbow surgery.


Mr Yewlett Graduated with a first-class honours’ degree from Imperial College London in 2004 and completed his Higher Surgical Training on the Welsh rotation. In addition to his surgical qualifications, he obtained a higher degree in Trauma Surgery for which he won the award for outstanding performance. He underwent further specialist training in shoulder and elbow surgery both nationally and internationally and was awarded the national BESS Leadership fellowship award in 2015.


Mr Yewlett believes in good quality research to underpin clinical decision making. He uses published evidence to inform his decision-making process and will only suggest a surgical solution for a problem when there is no better non-surgical alternative.


We have the privilege of having Mr Yewlett with us today to deliver his lecture on Biological Regeneration of Rotator Cuff……